Focusing On Your Recovery

Is An Alter Ego Hiding Assets From Your Personal Injury Judgment?

Corporations are granted status as a separate entity from their shareholders for many good reasons. However, some individuals misuse corporate laws to shield themselves from personal financial responsibility.  If the at-fault party in your personal injury lawsuit has done this, can you overcome the obstacle they placed in your way? The answer may be yes. Here's how you can pierce the corporate veil to access assets you need in order to be made whole. Read More 

How Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Auto Accident Victims With Pre-Existing Injuries

Auto accidents can be devastating, especially for those who suffer from pre-existing injuries. It's often unclear how to proceed after an auto accident for accident victims with pre-existing conditions. Although insurance companies may state that they will compensate for all damages, including pain and suffering, their offers may not cover the full extent of your losses. This article will explore how auto accident lawyers can assist you as an accident victim with pre-existing injuries. Read More 

What Do You Need To Know About Emotional Distress In Injury Cases?

Most people are familiar with the concept of emotional distress, at least in general terms. If you read the news or watch media featuring legal cases, you've probably heard the term used in personal injury settlements. While the term may seem straightforward, applying emotional distress to your injury can be more complicated than expected. The specific laws governing how emotional distress factors into personal injury cases will vary from state to state, but a handful of things remain true almost anywhere in the country. Read More 

Mapping Out What Is Included In A Police Report After A Car Accident

When a car accident occurs, you need to get an accident report from law enforcement. This document serves as an official record of the event that happened and can be used for insurance claims, court cases, or other legal matters that may follow. But what exactly does a police report cover after a car accident? This article will explore the details of a typical police report and what information is included. Read More 

Can You Take Legal Action If The Driver Who Hit You Succumbed To Crash-Related Injuries? Find Out

If a negligent motorist hits and injures you when driving, riding, or walking, they should take responsibility for your losses. However, if they succumb to their injuries, you might wonder how to pursue compensation. Ultimately, the best step to take is to contact a legal advisor. They will discuss your case to help you to understand the requirements for bringing a claim against the deceased motorist. They can then help you handle the complex legal process to ensure that you get justice. Read More