Winning an Auto Accident Case: 3 Factors That Will Influence the Credibility of a Witness

A single car accident can be very costly. The average claim for bodily injuries is approximately $15,443, and the average claim for property damage is approximately $3,231. You definitely don't want to be responsible for all of these costs. Seeking compensation from the responsible party means filing a car accident personal injury claim. To improve your chances of winning the case, most car accident attorneys will recommend that you find a witness to testify on your behalf. Read More 

Negotiating Payment And Contingency Fee Plans With Personal Injury Attorneys: 3 Things To Consider

If you plan on filing a personal injury claim, it's pertinent to hire a personal injury attorney instead of going at it alone. Without an attorney, your chances of winning the case or getting the other party to settle will significantly diminish. Most personal injury attorneys charge a contingency fee, which is usually one-third of the total compensation that you are awarded. The terms and conditions of the contingency fee plan are negotiable. Read More