Damages You May Claim When A Neighbor Kills Your Tree

If a neighbor's actions result in the death of your valuable tree, you have the right to seek compensation for the loss of the tree. Here are some of the specific damages for which you may seek compensation: Cost of Removal and Cleanup Removing a tree isn't cheap; it can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The exact cause depends on different factors, such the size of the tree, how weak the tree is, and how accessible the removal site is, among other things. Read More 

Avoid Getting Injured When Helping Your Neighbor With Holiday Decorations

Helping a neighbor to decorate their house for the holidays is not bad, but you need to take precautions to avoid injuries. Here are some of the precautions that will help: Don't do it while Drunk Working while drunk is always dangerous, especially if the work involves dangerous activities or tools. For example, if you are hanging holiday decorations and have to use ladders, you are engaged in dangerous work and shouldn't do it while drunk. Read More 

Two Tactics The Liable Party May Use In A Nursing Home Neglect Case

When you sue a nursing home for damages and losses resulting from its negligence in your (or your loved ones) care, it won't make it easy for you to win. The defendant's attorney will use a number of tactics to either win the case or—at least—reduce the number of damages the company has to pay you. Here are two tactics you're likely to encounter and what you can do to prepare for them. Read More 

Migraines And Heart Attacks: Do They Count Under Personal Injury Law?

You hear it every day; somebody keels over from a heart attack while on the job. Is it stress? Was it the nature of the job, or was the person in poor enough health that a heart attack was going to happen anyway? Then there are those who miss a lot of work due to migraines. In most cases, it is the stress of the job that causes a migraine. In both cases, do these count as personal injury cases? Read More 

2 Things To Do After You Have Been In A Car Accident

If you have been in a car accident, there are several things that you should do as soon as possible. Doing those things will help protect you and help you in case you have to engage an attorney to help you fight your case.  Take Pictures You don't want to rely on your memory when it comes to the damage to your car, the other party's car, or any damaged property. Read More