Have You Been Deposed? Depositions And Personal Injury Cases

If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident, you would do well to consider filing suit against the at-fault driver. After all, the accident has likely left you without a ride, too injured to work and dealing with the physical and emotional after-effects of the wreck. When you file suit, it puts in motion a series of events that could lead eventually to an offer to settle or a day in court. Read More 

Can A Homeowner Be Held Liable If Their Dog Bites A Trespasser?

Most people assume a homeowner is only liable if their dogs bite people who were invited onto the property, but this isn't necessarily true. Here are two instances when a homeowner may be liable for damages if their dog bites someone who was trespassing. The Owner Knew the Dog was Dangerous Most of the time, a homeowner wouldn't be held liable for injuries a trespasser sustains from a dog bite as long as the homeowner provided adequate notice there is a dog on the property who may be dangerous. Read More 

Do You Have A Wrongful Death Case If Your Loved One Drowned In A Pool?

One of the scariest parts about the summer is the fear that a loved one will drown while enjoying swimming in a backyard or public pool. The chances of this happening might not be as high as you think, but there are still hundreds of deaths by drowning in pools a year. What if this happens to someone you love? Do you have a wrongful death suit you can bring against the pool? Read More 

3 Reasons Distracted Semi Truck Drivers Can Be Hard To Spot On The Highway

If you are like most drivers, you will spend your driving time sharing the highway with vehicles that are far bigger and far more menacing than your own. Traveling alongside commercial vehicles like semis and tractor trailers can definitely be intimidating, but this is a fact that drivers have to deal with everyday and unfortunately, there are a lot of accidents because of it. The key to avoiding an accident is to stay fully aware of a semi truck driver's behavior when traveling close to them, especially where distracted driving is concerned. Read More 

Hurt In A Store: What To Know

While the idea of a shopper slipping down and injuring themselves in a store (and then suing) has become somewhat of a joke, for those who actually suffer from a slip and fall injury it is far from funny. Some retail stores are unsafe, and if you trip or slip down, you may be entitled to compensation. Retail establishments have a responsibility to keep their stores safe from hazards that could cause shoppers injuries, so read on to learn more about getting paid for your slip and fall damages. Read More