3 Tips for Reading Your Long-Term Disability Claim Coverage Policy

If you have a disability, and you need to file a long-term disability claim, here are a few tips that will help you have a successful claim and get the assistance that you need by reading your long-term disability claim coverage policy. Read the Fine Print The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you read all of the fine print contained in your long-term disability policy. Read More 

Has A Friend’s Dog Bitten You And You Want To Sue? Use These Tips

Suing a close personal friend after their dog bites and injuries is not the easiest decision you'll have to make in life. However, once you're sure that's what you want to do, the suggestions here might enable you to avoid additional problems with your claim. Record Details Your memory of everything that transpired could fade, so you'll need to write down or record as many of the details as possible. That can take the form of a short essay or checklist or you can whip out your smartphone and take a few pictures in good lighting of the bite itself from different angles. Read More 

Protect Your Gym From Frivolous Lawsuits And Unnecessary Injuries

If you run a gym, then you understand that one of the big issues that you face as a business owner is customer injuries. While this is sometimes unavoidable, there are other instances that are preventable. It's also a good idea to be ready for any lawsuits by being proactive and having the correct contacts set up. Below are three things you should do to help protect your business from lawsuits. Read More 

Did A VBAC Go Wrong? Should Your Doctor Have Known Better Than To Try?

A lot of expectant mothers hope to have a vaginal delivery of their second child, even if they had a cesarean the first time around. The procedure (commonly called a "vaginal birth after cesarean" or "VBAC"), however, is not without its risks. If you, your wife, or your baby were harmed during the attempt at a VBAC, the doctor may bear liability for allowing you to take the risk. This is what you should know. Read More