Making Sense Of A Parking Lot Accident

The type of car accidents most individual are accustomed to are the ones that take place on busy roads, but it's possible to also have a serious accident when you are navigating a parking lot. Under these circumstances, you'll need to avoid admitting fault and you'll need to gather the evidence necessary to demonstrate that you were not at fault for the parking lot accident. 

The Role of Distractions

Oftentimes, a parking lot accident occurs when a motorist is distracted. For example, he or she might be texting, watching a video, taking a photo or performing some other action that takes his or her eyes off the road. If you have evidence that the other motorist was performing this action, this can be used to build the case that you're not responsible for the car accident. 

Shared Fault

In some cases, the accident might be the fault of both motorists. For instance, if two motorists were backing up and collided with each other, the fault would be shared. However, if one driver was in motion and the other driver backs out of his or her parking stall, the driver who was backing out is at fault because he or she didn't wait until it was safe to back out. However, there might be some exceptions. For example, if the other motorist was speeding or was under the influence of a substance, this may be used as evidence that he or she was at fault.

The Chaos of Backing Into a Stall

Some motorists will cause accidents when attempting tricky maneuvers. For instance, they may attempt to back into a parking stall, but be unable to back in properly and cause an accident. There are other cases where a motorist may try to maneuver around another motorist attempting to back into a parking stall. Because it can be difficult to determine who should be considered at fault, you'll need help from a car accident attorney. 

Why You Need an Attorney

If you believe you were not responsible for a car accident in a parking lot and you need help, make sure to get in contact with an experienced attorney. In many cases, you might need help from expert witnesses who can reconstruct what occurred to determine who should be considered at fault. Even if you're partially at fault for the accident, the other motorist might also be at fault, or even more at fault.

To learn more, reach out to auto accident attorney services near you.