Bit By Your Neighbor’s Dog? 3 Tips To Help You Know What To Do

If you were bitten by your neighbor's dog this can be a traumatic experience. This is especially true if the dog is large. No matter what kind of injury you received from the dog bite, you should contact a personal injury attorney to help you. Your neighbor may be liable for your medical bills and more. Below is some more information about this so you can get started:

When You Have a Case

If the dog bite results in medical care and medical issues then you have a good case. The dog also must not have been provoked, and the attack had to be on your property or your neighbor's property. If the dog was not on a leash when the bite happened, your neighbor violated the leash law. Also, if the dog has a history of biting people the neighbor will be liable.

Steps to Take After the Dog Bite

First, see if there are any witnesses around that saw the dog bite you. If so, write down their name and phone number so a personal injury attorney can contact them. Having witnesses can be a big part of winning your case.

If you seek medical care, document your expenses. You can also ask the doctor's office for a printout of your medical bills that you can give to your attorney. Other documents you should give to your attorney include insurance co-payments and prescriptions you must purchase.

Contact animal control after the dog attack so you can report the incident. You can also ask animal control if there are documented dog attacks for the same dog that bit you. If this is true then you would likely win your case with no problems.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Find a personal injury attorney that has experience with dog bite lawsuits. This will allow them to offer you the best protection and get you what you deserve. Many attorneys offer a free consultation to potential clients. Meet with a few until you find an attorney that you feel comfortable working with.

The attorney will likely send someone to your neighbor's home to interview them to get their side of the story of what happened. The attorney may have someone speak to the doctor that treated you to get their opinion on your injuries and how they will affect your life both physically and mentally.

The personal injury attorney that you hire can help you settle the case out of court to save money if you prefer. They would first determine if the money offered to you is fair. If not, they will suggest you go to court.

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