What To Do If You’re The Passenger In An Automobile Accident

If you are ever in a car, traveling as a passenger, and get into an automobile accident, then you need to be prepared for what happens. The two drivers are going to be concerned with exchanging insurance information, and the police on the scene will be preoccupied with maintaining the safety of the situation and taking statements from the two drivers. In this chaos, you might get lost, but it's important that you keep a calm head and make sure you do the following.

Make Sure You Get Medical Attention If Needed

Sometimes an ambulance will show up on site, but if the accident was a minor fender bender or something that was not a high-speed collision, the police might be the only authorities who show up. However, even if the accident was not a major one, you might be in need of medical attention. You cannot rely on other people who are not medically trained to diagnose your situation. If they do, then you are risking missing an injury that could potentially turn into something serious if left diagnosed and untreated.

A common issue might be something such as whiplash. So, if you feel a soreness in your neck, and you were jolted forward during the impact, you should make sure that you call for the paramedics on your cell phone or else you ask the police who arrive to summon the ambulance for you.

Get The Insurance Details Of The Drivers And A Copy Of The Police Report

Just because you were not driving the car it does not mean that you do not have the right to get information. In fact, should a problem turn up at a later date, then you need to be in possession of this information, particularly the insurance information of both drivers. It will be very difficult to try and obtain that information at a later date, so you should be prudent and make sure that you collect this information. You should also ask the police for a copy of the report that they take.

Contact An Automobile Accident Injury Attorney

Once the accident is over, and you are home, you need to contact an automobile accident attorney. These lawyers are specialists in dealing with the fallout from car accidents. You might have to deal with long term rehab for whiplash, time off from work for which you are unpaid, or other issues that need to be addressed. Without the assistance of a specialist, you will be forced to try and navigate the system of insurance agencies yourself, which is a nightmare and simply not something a layperson should have to do. The best and easiest thing to do is contact an automobile injury attorney like Katz Nowinski PC and have them handle it all for you.