Four Things That Must Be Done If You Have Been Injured Walking On A Sidewalk

There are many ways you can get hurt walking on a sidewalk. Most of the time it will be due to a fall. Sometimes this will be caused by an obstacle that should not be on the sidewalk, while at other times it may be the sidewalk itself. Whatever the case may be, there are certain things you should know about this type of injury.

Get as much information as possible

This includes the names of any witnesses present along with their contact information. Photographs are beneficial in explaining exactly what happened to an attorney because unless you are in need of emergency paramedic assistance, there is likely not going to be a police report. If there is a business involved, make sure you record the name and address.

See a doctor as soon as possible

Ideally, this should be within hours of the injury. Without a record of visiting a doctor, a personal injury attorney will have a difficult time getting you the money you are entitled to. Not seeing a doctor is an indication that you were not seriously hurt. Don't worry about the extent of your injury. You may have a serious problem and not be aware of it. Many medical problems don't show up right away, but you want a record of having visited a doctor shortly after the accident.

Determining who is responsible for sidewalk maintenance

While there is often a party responsible for your injury, it is not always clear cut who is to blame. This is one of the many reasons to hire an attorney. Sometimes the sidewalk is owned by the government, but it may be the city, county or even the state government. The sidewalk may be owned by a business, but it may be a residential property owner that is responsible. And this is when the injury was due to the sidewalk.

Determining who is responsible for an injury

There are many ways to get hurt while walking on a sidewalk that are not specific to the sidewalk. If there was something left on the sidewalk such as tools from a contractor, they may be at fault. Often a tree branch that should have been trimmed will be the fault of a property owner. But in these situations, there is often someone who was negligent and can be held responsible for your injuries.

Don't assume that there is no one at fault for your injury when walking down a sidewalk. A sidewalk must be maintained and there should never be anything obstructing your walk. If you do sustain injuries, especially from a fall, keep the ideas listed above in mind, and contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you can.