3 Reasons Distracted Semi Truck Drivers Can Be Hard To Spot On The Highway

If you are like most drivers, you will spend your driving time sharing the highway with vehicles that are far bigger and far more menacing than your own. Traveling alongside commercial vehicles like semis and tractor trailers can definitely be intimidating, but this is a fact that drivers have to deal with everyday and unfortunately, there are a lot of accidents because of it. The key to avoiding an accident is to stay fully aware of a semi truck driver's behavior when traveling close to them, especially where distracted driving is concerned. However, it can be difficult to spot a distracted semi truck driver. Here's a look at why this is the case.  

It is hard to see a semi driver because the vehicle is so much taller than most others. 

In a normal situation, you could easily peer across the lane at the driver behind the wheel of a passenger vehicle and see if they are paying attention. However, it is nearly impossible to do the same when traveling beside a semi truck driver simply because they are in a vehicle that is much taller than your own. If you suspect a driver is distracted but cannot get a good visual of them, make sure you keep your distance. 

Long runs of straight highway allow a driver to be distracted for longer without showing signs that they are. 

Commercial truck drivers are trained to take the main highways when possible during a trip because these roadways will offer the path of least resistance and straighter travel most of the time. If a semi is barreling down a long stretch of straight highway, the driver could easily be distracted for a bit before anyone around notices. Sadly, some of the most damaging accidents happen on these types of highways because of distracted driving and higher rates of speed. 

Semi truck drivers often have the experience to recoup quickly if they do lose control. 

Even though distracted driving is a problem for all drivers, it is especially a problem for commercial truckers who spend so many hours on the road. And some are pretty well trained and experienced, which means if the vehicle they are operating veers off course because of a small distraction, they can usually quickly regain control before an accident occurs or anyone notices. Unfortunately, an over-confidence of the ability to do this can also mean the driver takes more risky chances, such as multitasking while driving. 

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