3 Things You Should Do After A Car Accident To Protect Yourself

There are many people who are in car accidents. Personal injury lawsuits may come out of some of those accidents, and others are just able to be resolved on their own. You can't always prevent a lawsuit from happening, but there are some things that you can do to protect yourself. Here are some things that you should do after a car accident.

1. Stick To The Facts and Don't Apologize

Right after the accident, you will probably get out of your car and talk to the other party. Because of the nature of auto accidents, you might be tempted to give some sort of apology or give an excuse to what the accident happened. You might say something simple about how the sun was in your eyes, you were on the phone, the kids were yelling in the background and so forth to try and take away some of the blame. However, by doing that you are actually accepting that you were wrong and you are admitting fault. This could come back and hurt you in the long run. You don't know for sure if you caused the accident. It is likely that there were multiple factors that contributed to the accident, so instead, it is better to stick to the facts about the accident, and then let the official police report give information about who is at fault for what.

2. Take Pictures

Smart phones are a great because they allow you to take pictures anytime and anywhere. Before people had to have access to a camera in their car to be able to take a picture of the accident. Now you can step out of the car right away and take pictures of everything, and you should. These pictures can help to prove the damage that was done to the car, and it can even help to prove fault by where the damage to the car is.

3. Exchange Information

Lastly, when you talk to the other party you need to be sure that you get all information about their insurance. You should always get the license plate number and make and model of the car. Get the individuals name and phone number, as well as their insurance provider and their policy number. This will be important in filing a claim and filing a lawsuit down the road if applicable.

By doing these things after a car accident you can protect yourself. Click to find out more about auto accidents and your options.