Has A Friend’s Dog Bitten You And You Want To Sue? Use These Tips

Suing a close personal friend after their dog bites and injuries is not the easiest decision you'll have to make in life. However, once you're sure that's what you want to do, the suggestions here might enable you to avoid additional problems with your claim.

Record Details

Your memory of everything that transpired could fade, so you'll need to write down or record as many of the details as possible. That can take the form of a short essay or checklist or you can whip out your smartphone and take a few pictures in good lighting of the bite itself from different angles.

It's also smart to note details that might not be related to the bite itself but are still relevant. For instance, if your friend had been drinking before the incident, it's possible that their judgment was affected and they were unable to remove their dog from the space before the incident happened.

See Your Physician

Depending on how deep the bite is, you might have snapped some photos and are just keeping an eye on it now. This can be a mistake for more than one reason. Your physician, as a professional in the field, can confirm your claims. In addition, if you don't know the vaccinations your friend's dog has gotten, you may need medication to protect your own health. Another good reason for medical attention is that you may not realize symptoms that the bite is starting to become infected, which can lead to further health problems that need to be addressed. The doctor can ensure you remain healthy.

Avoid Personal Contact

Because the dog's owner is a personal friend, there might be moments when you still think that you can work it out privately. However, once you've decided to engage the legal process, you must maintain a distance from them. That's for your own protection; sitting down with a friend after you've told them you were suing them can cause a hostile situation that could end up causing a fight or a bigger legal problem than you had before.

If you have anything to say to your friend, talk with your own lawyer before making a move.

Having problems with your own personal friend about a dog bite can be upsetting. Using the advice in this article might help resolve the situation without causing an even bigger mess for you. Keep a personal injury attorney like The Bernstein Law Firm in the loop and confide in them so their help can be beneficial.